addictinginfo.org: #JSIL Hilariously Trolls The Double Standard Muslims Face (TWEETS)

There is a new hash-tag in Twitter town that goes by #JSIL. That would be an acronym for the Jewish State in the Levant. This is a play off of #ISIL or the Islamic State in the Levant. The region known as the Levant has varying definitions that have changed over time. The important countries in the region for the purpose of this hash-tag are Israel and Palestine.

The #JSIL idea was created by Alternet’s Senior Writer, Max Blumenthal, and the concept expanded upon by the independent journalist Rania Khalek.

Every day the western media bombards their audiences with islamaphobic tropes that demonize Muslims while ignoring the human rights violations committed by United States and European allies such as Israel. We hear of ISIL’s attempts to create an Islamic state in the Levant through brutal violence, but there has been a Jewish State in the Levant for more than 50 years that has caused incalculable suffering for the people of Palestine and across the region.

So when people started tweeting out comparing #ISIL and #JSIL the reality of the double standard for Muslims became hilariously (and horrifically) clear.

Here are some examples from the #JSIL hash-tag:

and many more: https://twitter.com/hashtag/JSIL?src=hash

– (Archived)


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