ISIS Is Not Islam In reality, Muslim extremists account for far less terrorist attacks on U.S. soil than of all other major religious groups. According to the FBI database, Jewish extremist terrorist attacks committed account for seven percent of all acts of terrorism, vs. six percent committed by Muslims on U.S. soil. These Jewish extremist groups are no different than Al-Qaeda or ISIS in their sociopathic ideology. However, most Americans are unable to list one of the eighteen terrorist attacks committed by Jewish extremist groups, such as the Jewish Defense League. This is because of the disparity in media coverage, in which one-dimensional reports on Muslim extremist terrorism completely neglect the other 94 percent of terrorist attacks committed by other religious extremist groups on American soil.

Most Americans will experience cognitive dissonance after watching this reality check video; many will have to watch it twice. It is time for these long-time detrimental stereotypes to be broken. Islam is not a perennial and existential threat to the West. Islam is not an intrinsically violent or a terrorism-fueled religion. Every terrorist attack is not committed by Muslim extremist groups, contrary to reinforced mainstream media propaganda objectives. The proof is everywhere. Just open your eyes and look, starting right here with this video.

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